TurboTool is a very large diagnostic USB tool designed to help diagnose and repair computers. The tool contains more than 800 utilities, from a Windows 10 1909 installer, to Snappy Driver Installer Origin. This program is designed for Computer Repair Technicians, hobbyists, tinkerers, and all computer power users.


Here is a listing of absolutely all tools and utilities included in the tool.



Viruses Detected?

TurboTool contains many different programs from many different creators. Many of these programs allow you to look deep into the inner workings of your computer, and do things that most normal users do not. As a result, some anti-virus programs detect some of the utilities that are included in TurboTool as viruses. Don't worry, there are absolutely no viruses included in TurboTool. These detections are known as "False Positives", where an Anti-Virus program detects a legitimate program as being a virus for whatever reason. There is unfortunately no workaround other than to completely disable your Anti-Virus program, however this is not a good idea. Hopefully, as anti-virus creators update their definitions, these utilities will no longer be detected as viruses, however until then it's best to just ignore these false warnings.


The latest version of TurboTool is Version 1.10 released on July 17th, 2020. Changes for the latest version of TurboTool can be found here.
To download TurboTool, you will need 7-Zip to extract the compressed image file. 7-Zip is a free and open source archive manager, and it can be downloaded here.

Download TurboTool

USB Creation Instructions

To create a USB drive for TurboTool, you will need a 64GB USB stick. I recommend this SanDisk USB 3.0 Flash Drive. Using USB 3.0 or higher is extremely important! Using USB 2.0 is a terrible idea, as it will be EXTREMELY slow.
Once the image file is downloaded, you will need to extract the .img file from the archive using 7-Zip.

The image file will then begin extracting. This may take a while.
When the image is extracted, you will then need to burn the image file to a USB drive. To do this, I recommend using Win32DiskImager. This is a free utility used to burn image files to USB devices, and it can be downloaded here.

Begin by opening Win32DiskImager. Then click the folder icon next to the image path box. Browse for the image file you extracted previously.

Important: Make sure the correct USB device is selected under the "Devices" tab. This is important to make sure that you don't overwrite an unexpected USB device.
When you have all settings correct, press the "Write" button at the bottom of the Window to start the imaging process. This may take a while!
When the imaging process is complete, your TurboTool USB drive is ready for use!

Distributing TurboTool

Please do not distribute TurboTool independent of this website. Please do not link directly to the download, instead please link directly to this page. It helps prevent people from downloading unofficial or modified versions of TurboTool, and keeps the tool virus free. It also helps to make sure that people are downloading the most up-to-date version and making the USB with the correct instructions. Additionally, please do not modify TurboTool and redistribute it. Thank you!